Richard Strange and the Doctors of Madness take to the road in May and June 2017 for a string of live dates, celebrating the release by Cherry Red Records of “Perfect Past- The Complete Doctors of Madness” a 3 x CD complete works, with extra bonus tracks, demos and live recordings by the band..

This is the band’s first UK tour since 1978!

The press has been phenomenal, and Richard has appeared on Jools Holland’s Radio 2 Doctors of Madness Special (

and on Robert Elms’s Listed Londoner on BBC Radio London (,

alongside appearances on Resonance FM, Portobello Radio, Soho Radio, Harborough Radio, Radio Scarborough and Planet Rock.

The Guardian did a two page feature on the band, calling them “The Missing Link between David Bowie and the Sex Pistols”.


Their sell out gig at The Lexington, London last week was testament to the power, potency and relevance of their music, 40 years on


Full list of dates below. Please come and say Hi.

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This Spring/Summer Richard will be on the Programming Committees of a couple of exciting events-

The Portobello Live! Music and Performance Festival in London’s Notting Hill,

on Sunday May 1st and Monday May 2nd


The Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane, London. Sunday June 12th

The Art Car Boot Fair, Hastings. Opposite The Jerwood Art Gallery Space. Saturday July 16th

Latest news on the William Burroughs Film


A few stills from the film

Doctors Joe and Richard Always back to Paris

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott sings with The Doctors of Madness


Jeremy Reed Burroughs harpist 10

Bjork and Peter Docherty’s favourite poet Jeremy Reed

Coulter and Rochford 11

David Coulter and Seb Rochford


Burroughs Gun 5

Richard Durden as William Burroughs in the

Richard Strange/Gavin Bryar’s cantata 


It’s time to start editing the film of LANGUAGE IS A VIRUS FROM OUTER SPACE  the William Burroughs event I curated at Queen Elizabteh Hall, London to commemorate the writer’s centenary.  With director/writer/producer Neville Farmer and editor David Lewis now onboard, I have two extraordinarily gifted and experienced film people…our editor David Lewis was the long time go-to editor for the late Derek Jarman  and Neville has worked extensively in both TV and music.

I was lucky enough to work with Tom Waits, Marianne Faithfull and Robert Wilson on the stage musical The Black Rider a couple of years back, in London, Los Angeles, Sydney and San Francisco, and this film is a companion piece to that wonderful experience. As an actor I have worked with directors as diverse as Tim Burton, Martin Scorsese, Harmony Korine and Sally Potter, and my 1970s band Doctors of Madness has been cited by artists  from The Sex Pistols and Simple Minds to Spiritualized and Julian Cope as being a huge influence. I have also been invited to curate art evnts for The Tate Gallery and The International Festival of Live Art…So you will understand that I am here for the long haul!

I am very excited and inspired by the wonderful contributions I had to LANGUAGE IS A VIRUS FROM OUTER SPACE   –my collaborators included Gavin Bryars, Gavin Turk, Sarah Jane Morris, Rupert Thomson, Luca Silvestrini, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott, The Doctors of Madness, Seb Rochford, Kate St John, Anni Hogan, David Coulter, Terry Edwards, Jeremy Reed and Ginger Light, Bill Nelson, Haroon Mirza, Raf and O, Lloyd Owen, Jamie Lynne Griffiths and many many others.

An interview to give you some background to the event can be found here:

We need some money, (not a ridiculous amount…less than $10,000, some of which I already have in place), to complete the project to broadcast and cinema release standard. All the filming is done, and the footage looks amazing. It is just an editing job from here.

We are hoping the finished film will be offered to TV Arts programmers, Cinema and theatre release as well as DVD.

If you are able to help, please get in touch here–2/x/8119640#/

We can offer credits/deals/rewards etc.

Many thanks

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