After 35 years of looking, I have finally and totally unexpectedly found a copy of a half-hour documentary on The Doctors of Madness, THERE. THEN. NOW. ALWAYS , made for US TV when the band first started in 1975.  It has some wonderful live footage of the band I have never seen before, plus footage from rehearsals, recording studio, interviews with us, our managers and Music Biz bigwigs.  A fascinating cheap cialis prices historic document of a very important and exciting time in our lives. Watching it for the first time last night was like time traveling.

Find it on the Mail Order page on this site.

“Wow what an amazing DVD, absolutle magic, well worth waiting….. over thirty five years for. Thank you Richard Strange !!!”


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  1. Julian Rochester 9 years ago

    I tried to post this on your facebook page but it will not let me.

    Hi Richard, The TV show was called “How to Hype a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” wasn’t it?. As mentioned in your wonderful autobiography. I have been trying to hunt down any trace of the documentory on this side of the pond for years. Fantastic news Richard! How on earth did you come to find a copy? I eagerly await it’s availability on DVD on your cool new website. Looking forward to re-living the memories of many fantastic, ground breaking DOM gigs in the late 70’s.
    Best wishes, Julian Rochester, Houston, TX

  2. Author
    richard 9 years ago

    hey Julian many thanks for your posting. How kind of you to take the time. It was indeed the “How to Hype..etc” and it scuppered our US career before it even got started! I had never seen it before last week…those days before video meant that you either saw it live or you missed it! My manager Bryan Morrison died last year and his secretary contacted me to say she had found a box with what looked like a 16mm print of a film in it. Will post it here on the website as soon as I have done telecine conversion and duplication/artwork etc. Please feel free to join me on Facebook Best wishes Richard

  3. STEVE DAVIES 9 years ago

    Hi Richard, brilliant news on the documentry find, can’t wait to see it, any chance of anything being released from the Japanese gigs you did a while ago, and any chance of you getting up to the New Roscoe at Leeds some time in the near future, happy new year to you, Geno and the family, good to see you’ve plenty of work on, take care and best wishes, from Steve

  4. STEVE DAVIES 9 years ago

    Hi Richard, good news on the documentary find, can’t wait to see it, happy new year to you, Kelly and Gino, best wishes Steve P.S. while anything be released from your Japanese gigs you did a while ago

  5. Pelle 8 years ago

    Finally! Very good news!! I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I wasn’t allowed in when D. O. M. played Stockholm in -76 (I was way too young). I even went to the student board that organized the gig a few days beforehand to try and talk my way in, assuring them that I would be happy just to stand perfectly still at the back and not walk within a mile of the bar if only they would let me see my favourite band, pleeease?!? No such luck… A year or two later, when another hero, David Johansen, came to town (and I was still very underage) I realized that perhaps it’s better to go straight to the band at the soundcheck and let them know of the situation – and of course it worked. Syl Sylvain smuggled me in backstage in no time. I’m pretty sure it would’ve worked with you too, which makes me even more mad that I didn’t think of it back then…
    Anyway, will you hurry up with the dvd transfer please! I’ve waited 35 years to see you!!!!

  6. Author
    richard 8 years ago

    Hi Pelle yes that certainly would have worked with us too!!

    At last the DVD is ready and will be on sale here next week. details of how to get hold of it should be up by Tuesday next.

    have a great weekend. Richard x

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