Language Is A Virus From Outer Space (2014) Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Director/Writer/Producer Richard Strange


The Black Rider. (2004/2006) -Old Kuno. Los Angeles/London/San Francisco and Sydney

Dir. Robert Wilson/Tom Waits/William Burroughs


Protein Dance. The Banquet (2003/4) -God, the Butler. UK Tour.

Dir.Luca Silvestrini


Antonin Artaud’s Last Night. (2001). The Agent London Invisible Theatre

Dir. Duncan Ward


Murder is Easy (1996)  Roger Ellsworthy London Duke Of York’s Theatre

Dir. Wyn Jones


Crimes of Passion (1995) -Camy-Lamotte. Nottingham Playhouse.

Dir. Pip Broughton


Hamlet (1989/1990) -Gravedigger/Player King World Tour.

Dir. Yuri Lyubimov

…And many others

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