Dear Friends, 

For those of you who were not able to get along to The Queen Elizabeth Hall last year to see the Doctors of Madness perform one last time, as part of Language Is A Virus From Outer Space, …a celebration of the life and work of William Burroughs, here is an opportunity to help us complete the film of the evening for all to enjoy… Sadly, our bass player and inspiration Stoner died very soon after the performance, so it is his swansong, his epitaph and his calling card. 

We are very proud of the performance we gave, and we were delighted to be joined by Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Sarah Jane Morris of the Communards, and a galaxy of other friends, as well as the specially commissioned contributions from such internationally acclaimed artists as Gavin Bryars, Gavin Turk, Kate St John, Terry Edwards, David Coulter, Haroon Mirza, Rupert Thomson, Jeremy Reed, Luca Silvestrini and ProteinDance, Seb Rochford, Anni Hogan and Bill Nelson  

The performance was made possible by financial support from The Arts Council and The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, but mainly by generous donations from individuals as part of the original Kickstarter campaign over a year ago. I wanted to show you that your money and faith, (and our time) has not been wasted since the curtain came down. 

Please help us to complete the editing of the film of the evening by donating to our Kickstarter Campaign. All supporters pledging over £250 will receive a credit in the finished movie. Please help- every single donation will inch us towards our target budget. 

The footage is astonishing, the performances are riveting, With my director, Neville Farmer, we need to edit the 30 hours of footage we have of the evening into a coherent whole. 

We estimate the total cost to be £10,000 ($15,000 US) to finish the film to the standard we would hope. Please help us raise half of the money to complete the editing of the full length document of this unique and inspiring evening of live responses, in his centenary year, to the work of US writer William Burroughs. 

There is NO more filming to be done, and no other payments to be made. Just the costs of editing. Any amount, however large or small, will be used uniquely to bring this project to fruition.

Watch a trailer for the film here:

Support us here:

Many, many thanks in anticipation of your generosity

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